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Which Candidate is for Quincy?

Vote for the Candidate who is 98% funded by Quincy & Adams County Tax Payers!

Mike Troup

✅ Backed by the taxpayers of Quincy. Mike is over 95% funded by the people of Quincy and Adams county​

✅ Advocated to keep Quincy open during the pandemic so business owners could support their families.


✅ ​Worked to keep Quincy Schools open so children could learn in a safe environment.

✅ Established a voter approved county ambulance service as chair of the Ambulance & EMS Board.


✅​ An Elected Leader & life-long Quincyan that has shown dedication to Quincy & Adams County improvement.


✅ ​Doesn’t bleach lettuce.

Nora Baldner

❌ Backed by big money. 80% of her fuding is from outside of Adams County through Unions & PACS tied to Dick Durbin. (Pull the Data: Here(PDF View: HERE)

❌ Supported guidelines which closed indoor dining in Quincy restaurants and other policies which hurt local businesses.  (PDF View: Here)

 ❌ Supported by radical U.S. Senator Tammy Duckworth who is co-hosting an event for Nora’s campaign. (PDF View: Here)

❌ While serving as Chairmen of the Property Committee, lost us the Girl Scouts Wildwood property. ( Source) (PDF View: Here)

❌ Never held elected public office. She has no record of proven leadership or critical decision making abilities.

❌ Bleaches lettuce. 👇 

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